Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sam Hain......A little Wytchy humor

Sam Hain

Who is this guy they call Sam Hain?
I see his name in witchy books;
But when I ask my witchy friends;
They just give me the strangest looks.

He seems to be so important;
And everyone knows him but me;
Each year they throw him a party;
It sounds like THE cool place to be!

When I ask my friends what he’s like;
They all practically turn and run;
I need to get to know Sam Hain;
So I can join in all the fun!

I asked friends to introduce me;
I’ll have to introduce myself;
‘Cuz when I asked they looked at me;
As if I’m a demented elf!

So I searched the yellow pages;
I called up information too;
I just can’t find this guy Sam Hain;
I surfed the web ‘til I turned blue!

I’ve heard my witchy friends planning;
And although they’ll think I’m a pain;
I’m going to crash his party;
Then I’ll finally meet Sam Hain!

~~ Author unknown ~~

1 comment:

  1. Excellent poem! What a great party to crash it would be :)