Wednesday, January 19, 2011


To get started in Wicca, I think the best thing you can do is to get more of a

feel for the Elements in the natural world: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

a stone for Earth, a feather for Air, a twig for Fire, and a shell for Water,

and keep them someplace special. Make friends with a tree, and try to see the

world the way the tree sees it. Listen to what the wind tells you. Soak up the

warmth of the sun. Look for the wisdom in the depths of a river. If you spend

time getting to know the world around you the way you know your friends and

family, that will be an excellent start.

Second, start performing rituals to observe the Sabbats and full moons - it

doesn't need to be elaborate, solitary witches often tend to simplify and

abbreviate rituals. Find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed. Don't

with this kind of ritual, nothing very bad will happen if you do it wrong.

The basics are:

Cast a circle - walk around the space where you will be doing the ritual,

clockwise, starting in the north (or east, if you prefer - either way will

work); trace the outline of the circle with your finger (or use your Athame if

you have one).

Face each of the four directions, and invoke the Elements (Earth in the North,

Air in the East, Fire in the South, Water in the West). It is sufficient just

face the direction and concentrate on the Element of that direction, calling to

mind all the associations with that element you can think of. Trace an invoking

pentagram in the air in each direction if you want to (not strictly necessary,

but it's kind of nice).

Invite the Goddess and the God into your circle - meditate on their presence,

and on the season.

Share a meal with the gods and spirits that have attended your circle - eat

bread or a cookie, drink some wine or juice, and be sure to leave some of each

as an offering (it's best if you can take the offering outdoors afterward and

leave it under a tree or in some natural spot where it will return to the


Release the energies you have called - think of the Elements and the Circle

sinking into the earth, or scattering to the winds. This is important, don't

forget to do it.

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  1. Such a pure and sacred act - makes me wonder why people fear Pagans. Whether it's through ignorance or materialism, many tend to forget what the earth and universe provide. Mother Nature should be appreciated and acknowledged, now more than ever.